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Gun Safety Group is a trusted firearms training school located in Chicago. Our gun safety classes are conducted by national and state-certified instructors. If you are looking to get your concealed carry license in Illinois, you need to complete 16 hours of training including classroom and range instruction. To help you meet these requirements, we offer classes including the NRA Basic Pistol Course, Utah Concealed Carry Class and the Illinois Approved 8 Hour Course. Trust your firearms education to the Illinois concealed carry experts. 

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Gun Safety Group is committed to providing comprehensive firearms safety training for the general public, whether you are a rookie gun enthusiast or a seasoned gun owner. We are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you may have about our gun safety courses. Give Gun Safety Group a call at (708) 247-1640 to enroll in a gun safety class today!

Please note that the City of Chicago does not honor concealed carry permits. Our courses are not geared toward hunters.

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  • Classes Running Now!
  • National and State Certified Instructors
  • Successful Students Qualify for Utah Concealed Carry Permit, Which Is Valid in 30+ States

Also serving the City of Chicago


  • Firearms Training
  • Gun Safety Courses
  • NRA Basic Pistol Course
  • Utah Concealed Carry Class
  • Illinois Approved 8 Hour Course

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